New owner Set up errors

New owner of the shapeoko 3D I am having difficulties with 3 error messages

  1. homing failed, pull off didn’t clear
  2. homing cycle failed
  3. limit switch error (XYZ)

-All switches and XYZ connections seem to be in place after extended re-observation
-motor is running hot during testing
-red and green lights in main circuit board and I can not find a cause on any posts

What am I missing?? Thank you.

Please see:

If that doesn’t work, let us know at and let us know what you checked out and we’ll get this sorted out with you.

Could be a mechanical problem. Unplug your Shapeoko and move each axis to maximum to minimum and see if X and Y axis move smoothly. Depending on your Z axis, Original Z you can move it up and down, for Z-Plus and HDZ you cannot easily move it manually but Z-Plus and HDZ are not likely to have mechanical issues.

If the X and Y axis do not move smoothly take a look at your Vwheels and if it is only in the home position check your drag chains or your belt anchors for interference with going home.


This method failed. The v wheel nuts are frozen I cannot adjust them. The machine only moves a couple inches before it stops and error messages pop up again and the motor feels very warm to the touch.

You should be able to adjust the V wheels — use both a wrench and a hex key and turn the entire assembly as a unit:

The v wheels are attached br eccentrics on the bottom v wheels. You use an Allen wrench to loosen then. Use a wrench to hold them in place while tightening Allen. If you do not hold with wrench you over tighten v wheels.

  1. Loosen Allen.
  2. Use wrench on eccentric to adjust until v wheel is just snug.
  3. Hold wrench in position and tighten Allen head bolt.
  4. Repeat for all lower v wheels.
  5. Repeat moving x and y axis until they move smoothly.

All methods are still failing. It does not seem to be an issue with the wheels or the switches. The machine only moves about 2 inches before it stops. There are red and yellow lights flashing when the errors occur. I am wondering if the mother board is faulty and if it can be replaced?

Unless you have made a mistake in assembly, check that first, Some have had problems with the holes clogged with power coating. Remove your v wheels and use 150 grip sand paper rolled up and clean out the holes that the v wheels attach through. I discount that all the v wheel holes could be clogged but give it a try. It should only take a twist or two to clean out the holes if it is excess power coating. Concentrate on the X axis and get it working and then move to the Y axis (both sides).

Your axis’s must move smoothly without power before moving forward. The axis must move smoothly from stop to stop (side to side). A mechanical issue will prevent proper operation under power.


Information about what you’re doing.

Can you explain, in detail, what you’re doing, what the machine does, and when you see the errors. Start with the software you’re using and when your turn the power to your SO3 on.


Ok on the pc when I run the router connector on Carbide Motion the machine runs about 2 inches forward, very roughly, then it stops and I get those error messages. I’ve traced and retraced and retraced again to make sure all the wires are connected to the correct plugs. I’ve loosened and tightened all wheels. On the main circuit board the green lights change to red and yellow.
I’ve read another post about a very similar situation to ours and he stated that then the main circuit board was changed it started working correctly?

As gdon asks, with the power off to your machine can you slowly move the X axis fully left and right and the Y axes fully backwards and forwards?

Do this slowly, if you go too fast the steppers will start to grab.

When you move them do they move smoothly and with the same level of resistance all the way through their travel?

That’s the first thing to validate, are the basic transport mechanics working, after that we can move up through belts, motors, electronics.


What is the level of resistance I am supposed to feel?

The level of resistance is sujective. The point is that it moves smoothly from side to side limit and front to back. All the way to the limits. If you push too fast there is a resistance created by the stepper motors electro motive force (emf). The fields give back force if you might be too fast. The issue is if it is hard to move and even force to move it full length limit to limit. As stated earlier the machine must move mechanically stable before the motors can move it properly.


As gdon says, it should be smooth and consistent all the way, as for how much force, I can push X and Y end to end with one finger, there’s resistance but a suitable digit can do it, if you need more than that, something’s binding up, especially if there are just some areas where there’s more resistance.

Does that make sense?

could it be that the steppers on the y-axis are mis-wired?

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It’s smooth and when we push the most it with our fingers. But in the testing it doesn’t get past the z motor before the errors pop up and it stops. This is why I am thinking it has to do the either the main circuit board or the motor.


So the axes move smoothly by hand, when you try to initialise the machine does it;

  • Move Z up toward the home switch
  • Move X toward the right
  • Move Y toward the rear

Does it complete any of these movements before erroring?

Since you say it moves smoothly from side to side and front to back that helps eliminate mechanics. What config did you send? Possible you did not send config or wrong config. It will not hurt to resend even if you sent right config.

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We did the reconfigurations each time before we tested it

No it does not get past the z motor before erring. The z motive moved less than 2 inches and it stops.