New Problem for me

Can anyone tell me what causes this I am guessing something has come loose or slipped. It started out very slight and has gotten very bad . any help on what might be the problem would be Great… Thanks Kent…

What kind of Z do you have?

With the power on (so everything is locked), if you try to move the spindle up-and-down, is there any movement?

Could be

  • bit slipping in the collet. Clean oil off everything, look for debris in the collet or receiver
  • (for Z plus) backlash on the nut
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If everything is mechanically sound, one way to address this is by adjusting the depth per pass so that the final pass removes a very thin thickness of material. e.g., if cutting an 0.5" pocket and depth per pass is 0.125", reduce it to 0.124, so instead of 5 full depth passes, one gets 4 passes as 0.124", then a final pass which only removes 0.004" of material.

No movement I have Z plus Z I will clean collet and receiver. But what do you mean by backlash on nut. Please… and thank you!!

Thanks Will I was only cutting. A.0625 depth using a .0625 bit. and it was my thought to re carve again and running at a slightly deeper depth. to try and recover this sign. I had a couple of great ideas from Michael H. I will try also Thank again I will keep you posted

The ZPlus uses a leadscrew (not a ball screw), with a nut. If the nut is loose on the threads, then the Z axis can move up-and-down by whatever amount the nut is loose.

There are ways to minimize the problem - using an anti-backlash nut (which the Z plus uses), or switching to the more expensive ballscrew (as used by the HDZ). The anti-backlash nuts can wear out over time.

I would also suggest checking the v-wheels on all axes, make sure they are snug. Rotating a wheel should move the assembly (snug but not too tight…). If you can spin a wheel it is too loose. That leads to the axis rocking/lifting/moving when it should be firm.

Router bearings are another one - when I fixed the Z-plus in the post @mhotchin referenced, also discovered my router bearings were toast. This is the rebuild on the Dewalt 611:

Also - depending on your machine (I have the SO3 XXL) - bed deflection. Mine was getting about 1.5 mm of downward deflection in the middle with light pressure. Fixed that here:

I was seeing a similar thing to you, turned out it wasn’t one thing, rather a combination of multiple small problems amplifying together and translating to bad cuts.


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