New spindle, water cooled

I have me a new spindle :grin:. Wondering if the SO3 XL is ridged enough for this endeavor.

Here is the spindle
phone was giving me trouble uploading the photo


it’ll work


you don’t have your cooling pipes connected…

2.2 kw er20 collet 220 volt

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the big brother…

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er11 collet, 110V
20 characters is silly sometimes

how are you going to run your water lines?

Mind if I ask where you purchased yours from and about how much they cost? Just for future reference…

Those are things of beauty!

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keen to see how you get on with this. I’m dead keen to update mine and have a 2.2kw and 3kw in my watch list…

I’m also watching with interest, I have a 1.5kw spindle but it’s only the 69mm diameter (same as Makita 701)
People warned me off the 80mm diameter, due to weight. But I think it could easily handle it!

Can’t wait to see how you get on

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funny you should say that, I would have gone for the 80cm unit so I didn’t have to replace the spindle mount :smiley: savers £25 off the upgrade cost

just for clarity You mean 65mm same as makita

The original spindle mount is 68 mm. 80 mm spindle requires new mounts like in my picture. I believe a 3 kw would be to much weight for the Z axis, the 2.2 kw I have on now is taxing it pretty well.


I bought mine off a friend for $100 with controller.

@fiero1 I’m not sure what I’m going to use to pump the water with. your suggestion would be?

I was more curious if you were going to run your lines in your drag chain or what you thought was. I didn’t have the room in my drag chain to run them, I think because I used wire wrap on all my wires made it pretty thick. For a pump I’m just using a cheap one from Harbor Freight. Can’t wait to see it installed, they’re so much quieter than the DeWalt. Keep us updated.

So is the 1.5KW version water cooled as well? Can anyone advise on a kit or setup for something like this?

Yes the 1.5KW is water cooled as well. I do not yet have a SO3, so planning what one to put this in. It’s way too big for the Nomad.