New Threaded 90 Degree Table for my Shapeoko 3

I have been wanting to make this for 3+ years…and this Chippendale desk dovetail, mortise and tenon work was the driving force for me to finally make it. It’s called an Angle Plate (my head calls it an inverse knee)

The top plate has alternating 1/4" thru holes and 6mm threaded holes, and the side plate has 28 6mm-threaded holes (and two 1/4" thru holes that I used to make the plate. All edges are milled and square., and it’s square within 0.010" over 10 inches; the entire thing disassembles for easy storage.

Material 6061-T6 3/8 inch plate. 12 inch by 12 inches

It doesn’t give me a lot of space to work (1 1/8") but it’ll do.

This photo below is NOT a recommendation. I also added a high-speed balanced 1/4" drill chuck to my machine. This is how the holes in the above project were drilled.


First use of the 90º Angle Plate: (Not Tea Bag for a machinist and NOT a woodworker)


better 4 months late than never…
Looks really good, how did you do the toolpaths for this? the fit is great

I worked up doing dovetails here: Sharing Carbide Create Dovetail Files

I’m a machinist so everything I make, is treated as metal…I use Fusion360 to model my work…(CADCAM).

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