New to cnc. Hello!

Hello all! I’m very excited to be shifting my cabinet and Kitchen building shop over to CNC.
Hi guys ,Well it seems I’m getting older now and it’s time to to learn CNC work!
I have a lot of great ideas. I’ve come up with over the years working at my shop. One thing I was hoping, can someone direct me to the right area to learn if I can use Shapeoko 5 pro to inlay wood into another piece of wood using carbide create? Thanks in advance. I look very forward to being part of this community.!

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I do believe this would be what you are looking for.


Dang fast response! Ty so much @Brew ! Homework time :slightly_smiling_face:

fwiw I just wrote that one yesterday, and I’ll be adding some more things to it later today
(the forum editor is slightly clunky for large documents like this, so some mistakes crept in)

if there’s things in it that aren’t as clear as they should, please let me know (ideally as a comment or something) and I’ll try to improve the text for it


Wow, that tutorial was very well put together I’m full of info!! I’m drooling to get my machine :slightly_smiling_face:
@fenrus thank you for putting that together you are appreciated!

Garrett from IDC Woodcraft has some great videos to help. He is on Facebook and has a website. Inlays are fun (and nerve racking) to do. Good luck!

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