New to the CNC world

Good day everyone, even though I operated CNC machines for a living, I never created a program. Is all we were allowed to do was make some minor edits. Anyway, for starters I would like to make Chinese checker boards and the baseball dice game that many may have seen on Facebook. If anyone has already done these and would like to share the files, I would greatly appreciate it. I actually just ordered my machine today, I have been viewing the videos from Carbide 3D. I don’t think that I will have any problems getting it up and running. I’m looking forward to my new adventures and getting away from the normal woodworking projects. I have made 3 cedar chests for the granddaughters and jewelry boxes for other adults. Glade to be part of the CNC woodworking world.

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For Chinese Checkers see

I haven’t seen a free file for the baseball game, but it should be easy to draw up.

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