New update for cc

Has anyone else had trouble with the click and drag not highlighting since the new updateto CC?
Second question… double clicking or even the second click (not in rapid double click) send the object to a random spot in the bottom left corner. Not the starting point… just anywhere off the grid in the bottom left. Is there a way to fix this?

Click-drag-release selection was changed in 473:

  • (NEW) Rubber band selection change - select down and only items contained in the rectangle will be selected (if grouped, any single item will select entire group). Select up and anything intersecting the rectangle will be selected.

Please see:

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For the double-click problem, please send any files which exhibit this problem in a current version on an up-to-date OS in a repeatable fashion along with instructions for causing it in to and we’ll try to have a developer look into them.

Thanks for the help on the click and drag. Now that I get it, it’s a very nice feature.
For the double click, it is a constant recurrence. Most noticeably when I am zoomed in and trying to manipulate a letter or item into a very specific spot. It will teleport to the lower left. Sometimes it will move but my cursor is still in control of it but not hovering directly over it. I plan to work today and tomorrow. I will save any files that it occurs on.

The letters in the bottom left are the culprits.

That it’s a recurrent problem is why we need files which exhibit this behavior. Please:

I’m curious why a double-click problem would be file related? @Jim2 does this double-click problem occur on any file or just one specific file?

It’s not on any particular file. It has happened on multiple files. The result is always a little bit different but same type of problem. The object moves. For example… I was going to upload a file that I just saved after I eat dinner. It just happened a little bit ago. I clicked on a group of words to highlight them, then I clicked and held on it again to move it to another spot, then all the words collapsed on each other like it was centering on that spot I clicked.
The worst part about it is Ctrl z does not undo it. It will undo the action before the double click. You can press Ctrl z till your face is blue and it will not undo it. Same thing when the object is moved to the bottom left corner, it’s not an action that can be undone with Ctrl Z


I have shown it to happen even on a simple circle, and I have a video of it in case the sequence matters:

it happens about 15 seconds into the video

Double click 1.c2d (1.7 MB)
This is the one discussed in my other comment. I saved this file right after all the pieces moved from one click. It can’t be undone with ctrl Z. This is similar, but not exactly the same problem. I will be working more with it tomorrow and will upload when it occurs. Thanks

We need a file which has the part(s) in the right place, and instructions on where to double-click so as to cause them to move — in a current version fo Carbide Create, running on an up-to-date OS.


I have experienced this issue when copying shapes and clicking twice on the copy to move it. I just quickly made the attached file to see if I could recreate the issue and I discovered that it only seems to occur when I am zoomed in on the object with only a portion of the work piece visible. You can see that the object has “zoomed” down to the lower left zero point. I am running the latest version of Windows 10 and CC.
double click issue.c2d (13.7 KB)


I was unable to get this to happen consistently when I tested.

If you can provide a step-by-step set of instructions which reliably cause the problem we will forward it on.

I am able to reproduce it here several times. I will attach 2 youtube links to the video of how to repeat it. It doesn’t matter if the work piece is entirely visible or not. It’s a double click and on the second click, if you click and move, the error occurs. I hope that makes sense.
Double Click 2.c2d (59.5 KB)

Yes, it seems that if you click and move the object several times it will jump to zero and in some cases just move to another coordinate near by, at any zoom factor

What could be wrong on my end that isn’t on yours? In the video, you can see me do it a dozen times but it doesn’t do it for you. Wouldn’t that suggest that the problem could be exclusive to Darrel and I?

I can get it to happen on my machine, but if I then repeat things, it either doesn’t happen, or it requires a different set of steps.

I need an unambiguous sequence which causes this consistently before I can escalate it to @robgrz’s attention — I’ll be setting up my MacBook w/ a mouse later and rebooting in-between tests and hopefully I can arrive at a repeatably reliable sequence.

If I may weigh in here…Trying to get a repeatable sequence is optimal, but sometimes software glitches are hard to find, particularly intermittent ones. @robgrz has insight into the code base that we don’t have and may immediately know where to start to look to determine what’s going on. The code is alive in his mind, we only get to see the results. The problem should be raised to him (and I’m assuming, since you @'d him, he has seen this).

Our rule of thought for quality control in the case where you are unable to have a guarantee on a test case that causes the fail, is that if you can reproduce a defect consistently in 10 or less tries, then you can test a fix with reasonable certainty if you can’t reproduce it (after the fix) in 100 tries.

OK, I think I have found a sequence that is 100% repeatable.

  1. Create a shape
  2. Ctrl+C to copy shape
  3. Ctrl+C to copy either the new shape or the original (The problem is not 100% repeatable by moving the first copy)
  4. Double click the second copy and attempt to drag it to new location
    Also the problem seems to offset the shape, often to zero coordinates but it remains linked to cursor movement.

Yes…I can make this happen every time. I don’t need to make a copy. I make a shape and then double click to drag and the shape disconnects from my cursor by some arbitrary amount (nothing in programming is arbitrary…there must be a linkage somewhere) … and as I drag my cursor around, it moves the shape relative to the cursor, but the shape does not end up at the cursor position.

In playing around I noticed the following:

  • When I single click on a node and move it, the cursor moves independently from the shape, but then the shape catches up to the cursor and the node ends up where the cursor is. However, when you double click and then drag, the attachment point is no longer the node, but rather some other location.
  • Snap to Grid does not appear to change the behavior. The problem exists whether it’s turned on or not.
  • High Resolution Simulation does not appear to change the behavior, either.
  • If I select multiple objects and then double click and drag, One of the shapes remains independent, the other shapes stack on top of each other. They can be separated one by one, but they stack only on a double click. If I single click on the node, I can move all of the shapes simultaneously and all is good…but if I double click and drag, the objects stack (all but one - see images below)

Double Click and drag from the NODE

And one more interesting observation:

  • I Create a box, double click on a node and drag - the connection point is no longer the cursor but the box does drag relative to the cursor (as I mentioned above).
  • If I let go of the mouse, DON’T move it, and double click and drag again - the shape retains that same incorrect reference point. I’m able to drag it around from that point and the shape continues to use the same connection point (still not the node, however).