New user - assembly question

Putting together our new Shapeoko 4 standard, received 3 left, and 1 right belt clips. Made do with the extra belt clip (has only one screw, not the one with the M3 slot), and did the adjustment of the belt on the front of the machine, instead of at the back… Will this cause a problem?

It will be fine for a while — write in to us at and send us photos of the belt anchors which you received and we’ll get the missing one out to you as quickly as we can.

New question - got everything assembled, and now trying to set up the Bitsetter. When I go through Step 10.7, and get to:
Click the SE button to move the router to the
front-right corner of the machine. See Fig. 10-12

The gantry does not move to the front of the machine. It stays at the back, right corner. Using the Jog buttons moves the machine only once, then the software says ‘busy’… Help?

Have you sent the correct Machine Configuration?


Hi Will, I resent the configuration, and went through it again, gantry remains at the back, right corner when I click the SE button - doesn’t move to the front of the machine.

What are the Travel Dimensions for the machine set to?

Could you send us a Screen Grab of your Settings and Options pages?

Hi Will, Here’s the pics.

Please send the machine configuration per:

So that the X and Y travel dimensions are no longer 5mm each.

Ok, I clicked Load Defaults. Chose Shapeoko 4 Standard. Click Ok. Click Z Plus (Leadscrew). Click Ok. Click Send Configuration. Chose Shapeoko 4. Go through the Jog-Set Zero, etc., gantry still goes to back left. Obviously, I’m without a clue - would speaking with someone be better to solve this?

Please write in to

figured it out! the pop-up box was exactly aligned at the bottom of my screen and was not showing the ‘ok’ - discovered it watching a guy on youtube… Fixed!

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