New VFD spindle set up

I set up my new CC VFD Spindle this evening, all connected well. I open CM following Winston’s instruction’s. I entered the appropriate MDR setting and sent the command to start the spindle M3S10000. it startled wonderfully. When I check the speed on the VCD, it registered 23k. even though it was set for 10k… No amount of fiddling changed it.
Also on my 5.42 version, these was no pull down to set up the set the spindle up, just a check box to indicate that an automatic spindle was connected. I initiated it without the bit setter, then with a tool in and did a full Homing sequence. No Joy, still stuck on 23k no matter what I’ve tried. what might I have done different. Fresh eyes in the morning, but I’m out of ideas , please feel welcome to hop in and help with this

What value are you using for $30 ?

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If you go to midi enter the command $30=24000

I think this should fix it.


Hi Julien, Luke,
Thank you for your reply. I was running CM 521, updated to 542, This solve both issues immediately. All functioning as intended. “Fit For Use” met! Smooth, powerful, impressive. Right on the very top of the value decision tree for me. Price point was challenging to overcome, but I understand and more importantly, trust C3D to deliver a quality product that performs as intended. Well Done! Can you assist me with justifying the expense to my Wife? JK John


Maybe make a paradise box for her ?

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