NewB needs help

I have drawings that I would like to scan and use in Carbide Create. How do I go about it??? please help!!!

The technique shown here should work:

If you’re unfamiliar w/ drawing in vector tools, please try these tutorials first:

Unfortunately, the Bézier curve tool in Carbide Create has some odd limitations (off-path nodes must be equidistant and in-line (smooth) with the associated on-curve node) — you may do better drawing in Inkscape or some other vector editor, saving as an SVG, and then importing into Carbide Create (verifying the size of the import) and then doing CAM.

There are also video tutorials at:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you’d like to share an exemplar, we’d be glad to take a look at it and suggest something.

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Adobe Illustrator has a tool for automatically tracing a raster image to make a vector shape. It works great for line art. If your image is complicated though (e.g. a photo), you’ll have to work on it a bit first to get it ready for Illustrator.

Photoshop (or even Photoshop Elements) has some excellent semi-automatic tracing tools. Once you have an outline made in PS you can then bring it over into Illustrator to trace it.

I imagine you can do something similar using GIMP and Inkscape though I’m unfamiliar with those programs.

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