Newbie need advice

Hello I am looking at buying a new Shapako pro. Never used a machine but retired and want to make stuff. Is this an easy machine to learn? I am a bit scared. I dont know where to get pictures to make plaques that I want. Dies anyone know if we can find a picture of a plaque to make on the machine?

We have done our best to make things as easy as possible to learn/use.

We have a library of elements in the program:

and preview/access online:

(and I’m pretty sure that there are some plaque designs in that)

and if you have a pixel image you can trace it automatically:

The two programs used are Carbide Create:

and Carbide Motion:

We have some videos and other materials at:

and we offer tutorial sessions with the purchase of a machine at:

I wrote a bit about the basics of Carbide Create at:


and please note, we have a standing offer — if you get stuck on a file or project, send it in to and we will do our best to work through it with you.

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