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Hello All
I am nearly ready to buy a CNC and the XXL looks like the one for me. I have a question regarding my existing designs. I make hand routed wood signs and have a lot of designs as jpg file. Would someone be kind enough to walk me through the process of converting these into something Carbide Create would use? If CC can’t do it, is there other software that is able? Videos would be awesome.

You have two options with Carbide Create:

  • place the images on the background and re-draw them
  • use the 3D features in Carbide Create Pro and cut them as 3D textures

Alternately, you can trace or re-draw them in a 3rd part tool such as Inkscape:

If you’d post a file we’ll gladly help.

You may find this tutorial helpful:

When you say jpg files, do you mean that you took a picture of the completed project or did you create the design in say Illustrator and saved a jpg? The second would probably be easier to convert using a tool like Online Convert to an SVG file that you can import into Carbide Create. You will still need to fix some parts that may not be correct then you will have to manually create toolpaths that the Shapeoko will understand.

There are many on-line videos on using Carbide create and producing something on the Shapeoko. Check out these channels on YouTube: Carbide 3D, John Clark, Myers Workshop, Stuff to keep you entertained, in addition to those found on the Carbide 3D website. They will show you the whole process of creating a project. Finally, @julien has created an excellent free e-book available in this forum in the Shapeoko e-book v2 thread it provides everything you wanted to know about the Shapeoko but were afraid to ask.


Thank you Luc
My jpg files are black outlines created with PowerPoint. Sounds like they might convert fairly easily.

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