Nomad 3 Base 3D CAD file?

I emailed a few weeks ago to the Nomad crew, didn’t hear back, but curious if anyone knows if there is a 3D CAD file for the Nomad base/spill board. Working on some fixtures and man it would be nice to have that. I found some online for the Nomad Pro, just didn’t know if they are the same, I know the Nomad 3 is thicker.



Should be the same as the Nomad Classic and 883 Pro (aside from the thickness as noted):

(dictated by the need to stay compatible with the accessories)

Wonderful! Thank you!!

I drew up the Nomad 3 Table in CAD…shoot me an email if you want the STEP file or Solidworks file, happy to share! Here is a copy of my print to confirm I did it right, compared to the one form the Carbide crew :slight_smile: Nomad 3 Table.pdf (50.7 KB)

My email is:



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