Nomad 3 feed and speed secrecy

Good afternoon everyone,
After looking at the forums and interwebs, a lot of responses of feed and speed have been “its built into the software (MeshCam)”

im about to pull the trigger on buying one for my little production set up in my garage. I’ve tried various methods (double nomad 883 recommendations, and winston’s videos), but im really curious what MeshCam speed and feed is because im trying to replicate it in the free software carbide creates V6 to see if this is a feasible investment in time to cut for my workshop.

Im getting results of an hour to 7 minutes depending on recipes of the built-in and “Just double 883 pro recipe”. I’m really curious what the built-in reliable feed and speed is for the Nomad 3 - 102z in MeshCam for aluminum so i can recreate some time simulations in CC V6

Meshcam has a free trial. You can download it and use it and pull the feeds and speeds out.

I had to use the help menu and select the option to populate the tool database with the default tools.
And IDK if its a bug or a feature or what, but depending on if you are in a pocketing or a contour toolpath, it will shows the speed in mm or inches.

i did not know it had a free trial, thank you

EDIT: is the nomad pro, nomad 3?

meshcam doesn’t have the new machines

The Nomad includes MeshCAM and the Nomad 3 includes a license for Alibre Atom Workshop.

If one has any difficulties with the software for a Nomad, please write in to and we will do our best to assist.

The Carbide3D youtube channel has a lot of “Material Monday” videos that give decent feed and speed settings.

We have a list of them at:

if we missed any, they should all be at:

is the nomad 3, the nomad pro? am i missing something here?

non were done on a nomad 3

Nomad 3 is the newest iteration of the Nomad line.
Nomad 883 pro is the previous one.


I have some great success on Nomad 3 with single flutes - 1500mm/m feed 200mm/m plunge 22krpm 0.2mm DOC on 6082-T6 - just as an example. I don’t know what is the recommended. I just tried.
But all documentation is to be used for reference, not every condition will be possible to recreate.
Trial and error is a good way to learn and tune. Being safe and conservative can be slow for some…
And using CC and meshcam can be very different. @Vince.Fab does great work I have heard documenting the Nomad 3 on provencut. And have great content in general.


I have had good luck using FSWizard to calculate for Nomad 3. You can also use the app to “translate” speeds and feeds for Nomad 883 pro to Nomad 3 and cross reference results to those provided in Carbide Create for the Nomad 3 to make sure your results are reasonable.

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