Nomad 3 (New X-Axis Travel Noise)

Hi, my Nomad 3 started making a new noise on the X and Y axis today. Does this sound normal or similar to other machines? I’ve had my Nomad for a little over two years so I’m familiar with the normal machine operating sounds.

Thank you!

Note: The video in the link below only shows the X-Axis noise.

Please see if the machine needs to be lubricated.

​This is a bit complex for a Nomad 3 since there are multiple systems/lubricants.

​For the Z-axis linear rails and blocks, use Mobil Vactra No. 2:

Shapeoko 5 Pro and HDM Maintenance Kit - Carbide 3D

​For X- and Y-axes, use Superlube:

Care and Cleaning for Nomad 3

There are two noises in that video, the loud stepper noise (which to me sounds quite “growly” compared to mine but I don’t know what feed rate you are using) and the very quiet chatter which comes from the left hand side lead screw support bushing (mine also makes this noise).

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