Nomad 3 users only, Alibre Workshop

I checked to see if anything has been officially announced by the Carbide3D folks, but haven’t found anything yet.
FYI, if you’ve purchased a Nomad 3 and you’re on the fence about buying Alibre Atom or Alibre Workshop, you may want to wait just a bit longer, as it looks like Carbide3D may have some good news for you.
I’ve got to say, the after sales support from Carbide3D continually impresses me!

Hi, I received an email from carbide3d mentioning Alibre and a package. I’ve never come across alibre in my internet travels, so I had to look it up; interesting. I’ve been using fusion360. How do the packages compare?

I’m a CAD and CAM noob, so I’ll let others answer your question. I preferred Alibre’s license terms over Fusion360, so I started my learning exercises from scratch with Alibre Atom (just purchased it two months ago).

Tried to put some resources together on this when it was briefly bundled w/ machines a while back:

I’m just bummed that we don’t get scripting.

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