Nomad 3 Y Axis Carriage Dimensions

I receive my Nomad 3 tomorrow (hooray!) and I’d like to create a custom tooling plate that replaces the factory carriage plate. Has Carbide3D published, or can post, the dimensions for the hole pattern and dowel pins that are located on the Y axis carriage?

I’m essentially going to make something similar to SMW fixture plate but with the alignment holes.

Please see:


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So is the factory plate levelled by the machine itself? If replacing the factory plate would it just be a case of a surfacing pass to level it off after fitting? I’m kinda surprised that a fully drilled plate isn’t an option rather than an addon which reduces Z capacity.

Yes, part of the final commissioning of a Nomad is having the machine surface its own bed.

I believe the bed has a limited number of holes so as to not reduce its rigidity.

If the plate you end up making is machined super flat, then shimming it at the mounting locations shouldn’t be tough. It can’t be that far off.

Reamed holes for pins are really nice, here’s a custom plate I had the guys make. Think big right


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