Nomad 3 Z clearance

So looking at the info on the website the working area is 8"x8"x3" but what is the clear area between waste board and the spindle with no tool? This is more of a curiosity as I have a Shapeoko Pro (still in the boxes - I know pathetic). Thanks!

I can get a picture of that tonight.

I just took a measurement and 3" is the clearance of the Z-carriage. It is a fixed height above the table. The spindle, of course, can move a bit higher than that, but that clearance would prevent putting anything taller on the table.


While 3" max clearance is helpful, that doesn’t answer my question on what the clearance from the spindle (without a tool in it) to the table is. It doesn’t tell me how long a tool I can use with a given pc of stock (and therefore how deep a pocket I could cut in said stock). If that make sense.

I’m a little confused by the ask.

The spindle lifts above the z carriage, this makes the z carriage the effective upper bounds on cutting depth at ~3”

At least unmodified…in theory you could cut through the table I suppose?

So just for clarity, are you looking for the distance of the spindle to the table at max z height?
(The green distance in this photo)

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yes the green distance as one still needs to add a tool length (variable) to calculate what actually works for a given project.

There will be some parallax from the photo but it’s the most effort I’m willing to put in :yum:
Seems like ~4 1/4” on my machine. YMMV.


Perfect! Thank you! (+20 char)

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