Nomad 883 Pro FOR SALE! USA

I am selling my used Nomad 883 PRO. Local pickup only, in the Pittsburgh, PA, USA area.


Nomad 883 PRO, UHMW
Flip Jig
Clamp Vise
Threaded Table
2 Wasteboards
LOTS of endmills for 1/4" & 1/8"
1/4" collet
1/8" collet
Nomad standard tools (allen wrenches, etc.)

AND, in addition to the Nomad itself, the dust handling tools:
Festool 584156 Ct Mini Hepa Dust Extractor
(Brand new Festool, never used, never got it hooked up to the Nomad)
Various milled parts for Mark Bellon’s dust collection system, and some of the purchased parts including 2 adapters, hose, strip brush, and rare earth magnets.
(Nomad 883 Pro Dust Head)

The Nomad is in good working condition, I just haven’t used it like I have been wanting to. There are some signs of wear on the vises, and all of the bits should be considered used. I’ll also throw in the stock material pieces (wood, steel, plastic) that I had bought.

Asking $2200 for everything. Please message me for details!


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