Nomad alcohol mist/lubricant

Hi all Nomads-

I’ve made an ‘airblaster’ for my Classic Nomad, which I am VERY happy with<>.

Following on from <> I’d like to know if an alcohol mist/lubricant blaster would further improve on aluminium cutting precision/quality. Does anyone have any experience and implemented designs?



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JPL Richard did a wd-40 drip for the shapeoko. Seemed to work pretty good. I’m not sure it will help with precision, but might make you be able to push the machine a bit more.

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend the single flute for aluminium. Winston mentioned it a few times in videos, and I had to order something else and figured I’d pick one up. Wall finish from the tool is pretty amazing. You might want to do finish pass on flat surfaces with a flat endmill, but otherwise that bit is pretty great.


Wd40 works very well and will make a big difference in aluminum finishing. Not sure alcohol is ideal simply because it doesn’t have the same lubricity and the Nomad really doesn’t have the power/rpm to create lots of heat.

A nice setup would be a wd40 drip with solenoid/relay controlled by the A3 pin. That way you could leave it off during roughing and turn it on for finishing with g code automatically.


Just a note of caution. Alcohol is potentially a fire hazard. Perhaps even WD40 is a fire hazard as well but since others have used it it may not instantly blow up. Just keep a extinguisher close by when running with any potentially burnable fluids.


Thanks much everybody. Will try wd40 Drip on my classic Nomad. Have bought a set of single :mask:te end Mills, as well. Stay safe. -P

Alcohol works great on aluminum. For the quantities you would use, it’s not a significant fire hazard.

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