Nomad cutting speed

Hello can anyone tell me how fast the nomad can cut 1/16 thick Aluminum along with carbon fibre if I can.

I cut at 8 in/min at a depth of 0.01 inches, so it’d take me 7 passes to cut through. So just a little faster than 1in/min net. I haven’t done any carbon fiber.


Thank you Mark. but can you tell me if you mean 8 inches a minute?

8 inches per minute is how fast the tool moves across the surface (feedrate). It’ll take 7 passes to get through 1/16 inch, so to make an 8 inch long cut, it’ll take 7 minutes.


Great thank you mark most of what I will be cutting is 2in long by 1 in wide.

Lubrication, chip clearing, and coated mills are the difference between a new mill every part, and using the same endmill for dozens of parts. Makes a huge difference. The exact aluminum alloy is important. 6061 isn’t too bad, but there are some other alloys that are almost impossible to get a decent finish on.

Here is the Feeds & Speeds chart for the Nomad:


Take all necessary precautions when cutting Carbon Fiber, heres a previous forum post:

Mikep can you some suggestions on the aluminum and specific and endmills

Thank you for the link and video Apollo

There are a number of threads here on the forum that do a better job than I can:

(this one is a little more shapeoko specific, you’ll be limited to 10k RPM on the nomad spindle)

There is also a good chunk of stuff from Apollo (with video):

There’s a bunch here in the wiki that is a good general reference:

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I will be doing charms about 2x1 in langth and with