Nomad Jig for aluminium plate 4x5 - FAIL

I wanted to put the 4x5 aluminum plate in the center of nomad,
to work on both sides, which allows me to be more precise.
I noticed that the targeted holes did not fit the edges of this plate.

After some research on the net, I haven’t found the ones that suit me.
And also avoid making flip holes in the aluminum plate.

Before starting to prepare Jig for this project,
I would like to have your opinion of this plan.
And if you had any advice, that would be much appreciated.


Here is the project plan for Nomad Jig for 4x5 aluminum plate in pictures.


Hi Elie,

The design looks good and can be used with smaller pieces too.

The issues I’ve had with this sort of non-adjustable jig is that - unless I’ve also cut the 4x5 plate one the nomad - it’s not going to be exactly the right size and will either be too big and not fit into the jig, or too small and pop out.

An alternate sort of jig could be made from an 8x8" bit of Delrin, with a 5.25" x 5.25" pocket cut out of the middle such that the top right corner was in the same position as your top right corner.

You can then sit your stock plate in the recess and butt it up against the top right corner, fixed in place with blue tape and CA glue. The extra space will accommodate slightly bigger stock, and anything smaller will also fit.

When you flip your plate, flip it on the diagonal so that the same corner is put into the top right corner of the jig to ensure it is in the same position. Your design will need to be adjusted so that it cuts the other side the right way around to cater for this rotation.

(edited a few times for clarity and errors and to add a picture :))

You can chose any corner you like for the fixed point - doesn’t have to be the top right - which would become your project’s zero.

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Merci pour votre conseil .

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