Nomad Pro: Notes on the Journey

I’ll start here: if you’re experiencing issues realize you’re in the early adapter struggle…and it’s awesome. :v:

-My Journey- Repeat At Your Own Risk

If you’re having issues with your CAM hanging: I.E. the spindle freezes or gets stuck @ XYZ spinning like it’s cool. You can restart the machine process in the current config. Using meshCAM or (in my case both) Fusion 360.

meshCAM will stall the spindle and result in a failed machine in some instances.

Fusion 360 with freeze XYZ position but keep the spindle at the preset tool speed.

No clue what this link is, but it’s diametric. There’s a weird percentage link between the 2 when exporting the .nc and the freeze / stall. (anyway)

When you’re setting up your CAM (don’t touch anything on the platform or ZERO settings) measure the depth of your cut. When you restart the machining at an -(X)z location it completes every time from Fusion generated .nc

I’m going to open another Shock Top and see what the Nomad teaches me this time.


Froze @ -6.5mm #meshCAM

Completed @ -6.5 mm to top of stock -0.25 mm below bottom (in my case) #Fusion360

Onyx Delrin (Acetyl Copolymer)

These settings work great for me:


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Clutch: ensure that you’ve selected “Multiple Depths” in the Passes tab.

Depending on the use: 0.5mm - 1.0 mm is perfect for Delrin.

EDIT: One can push towards a 3" cutting feed if accuracy is not priority. :v:

Delrin! Such a LOVELY material! :+1:


Interesting. Others have the same issue. In the four days I have had the Nomad, it has done about 20 hours of cutting, but about half has been lost to the stalling. I am using MeshCAM at this point (ease of use with Inventor, which I use at work), and have had the problem with all except one part so far. Several I started fresh and they ran fine the second time (at least the zeroes are held, so the machine cuts air for a while, then gets to business), but one stalls at the same point every time. I have gone over the Gcode repeatedly, and there is nothing that should cause a problem, as far as I can tell. It is in roughing for a deepish cut, and the it is a mid layer that is stalling, and the code is right on the previous layer. No odd codes, no nothing. I don’t get it…

As you said, early adopter issues. Until these things are fixed, the machine is just a pricey toy for me, as I can’t count on it to do jobs that will pay.

Time for another River Horse Lager (my preferred brain lube) and I’ll get back top the current job.

Shoot us an email to, and let’s see if it isn’t a hardware issue that “feels” like a gcode problem. If it is we want to take care of it STAT.

You can rely on the Machine for sure; the software will only get better.

Using a volley of meshCAM and Fusion I’m powering thru.

Got the Delrin machined for my stabilized projects. As soon as I dive in to some of this casting I’ll post Speeds n Feeds for Alumilite Resin casts. :v:

Happy Sunday.

Alumilite Clear / Smooth-On Glow Worm / Pure Pink Glow / Stabilized 8bit Gyroid Tessellation printed in Aspen Laywood // Cured: 62psi / 2.25 hours

Machined the Molds to fit the Flip Jig with some wiggle room…let’s see where this goes!


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Resin practice.

Having great success with speed/accuracy so far. Settings:


For those of you also having issues with job completion; I’ve noticed a massive reduction of failures using Fusion to output the .nc // Not to mention the fact it’s silly easy to jump back into a failed job with Fusion.

Hope everyone’s having a great Monday! …ok well, as good as Mondays can get…

:v: -Hank

Persistence seems key:

Problems arise… So far the best way I’ve found to recover from any job stall / failure is to go through the steps to eliminate the Limit Switch error (powered off, gently move the XYZ’s to a central location in the Nomad) + Unplug both the USB and power after and let sit for a few. This has cleared up almost every issue I’ve had to date.

I feel these are all simple fixes in the software as we proceed. It doesn’t seem to matter too much on what app generated the .nc either…stalls just happen. if you’re paying attention to where it failed you can usually jump right back in with some measuring, crossed fingers, and a slow entry. :v:

More stabilized action: Carbon Fleck // Glow Wisp // Rose Gold Pearl (60psi / 2.5 hours)

Side A

Side B

Push through the issues. MacGyver always looked like he was having fun right?

Happy humpday.


Boom! Example:

Things were cooking along great when all of the sudden…STALL. No big…

Failed @ 79% in the finishing pass…but we know where it didn’t go…

Leave Zero where it is, highlight the area of concern (in my case a 2 point square Machine Region), and hit it again.



Finally got around to 12v testing.

Now let’s make it pretty.

Parts list: (All on amazon)
12v Battery
Light Ring

:v: Light it up.


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Side A now only needs a little sanding, polishing…and love.


Finally settling in to stabilized resin machining. Getting more aggressive with Feeds and Speeds. Pushing 5.5" feed with the 1/32 and still getting great results.

Mink / Sky Blue Pearl - 60psi // 2 hours // 70 degrees

:v: Happy Sunday.


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Iiiiiiiiiiit’s TIME! Bruce Buffer Voice



So far so good. Everything is running smoother, faster, and quieter. I’m currently “half” hogging on some pine. 12"/min feed / .0400" depth/pass

Stay tuned. I’m pumped she’s working so well.


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Roughing pass completed perfectly. 12"/min // .0420"/pass

Finish on X completed perfectly. 10"/min // .0250"/stepover


Time for a Y pass.


Cookin’ with gas now! :triumph:

Tested in a piece of scrap pine base trim. Only used the .125" bit. Roughing pass, X finish, Y finish all completed without ANY issues. Great test.

Laywood 3D print above.

I’ll be remaking this in Onyx Delrin…



Updated software: #356 // Beta // OS X 10.11.3

New jogging controls rock! Roughing completed without a hitch…starting a finishing pass now.

Reflex Purple Pearl / Antique Bronze Metallic / PA Scarlet Maple // My logo
Final roughing zone.

Overall I’m a huge fan of the update. :v:

Happy Tuesday gang!


Finish pass. :yum: | Entrance Plaque to the Lab
.125" // Ball End // 10"/min / .0100"/stepover