Nomad: Stuttering problem while jogging

Just received my Nomad 883. All of the axis seem to have the same problem with the stepper motors not being happy with jogging.
Because of the ultra low contrast (white, beige, and sea foam green) GUI I had to switch to BCNC and Panel to use the mill, and the same problem persists with jogging.
So I am guessing the issue reside in Carbids3d implantation of GRBL or with the stepper motor drivers not being a good match with the stepper motors.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Definitely contact The Nomad should come out of the box working smoothly and perfectly. The internal board, steppers, and spindle are all precisely tuned and matched.


The Nomad has had jogging “stuttering” from the beginning. It will move 1 to 2 inches, hesitate a bit, then continue while the jog button is being held down. At least mine has and I reported it early on. And so have others. See the thread On-press/click vs. on-hold jogging behavior


The description of the problem that @jacksmith PMed me used “It sounds awful”, hence the note to ask for help. Sounding awful doesn’t seem to be associated with your report… but perhaps the description depends on the reporter.

@Randy, your reference indicates that the holding a jog button will stop periodically by design. I haven’t seen this with my Nomad 883 Pro connected to a Mac, perhaps due to the way I use the Nomad. @WillAdams ended the report with the issue is specific to some configurations. You’re still seeing this, right?

If this is a software choice, it’s not really the machine stuttering and everything is OK.

Now I have to go and try and create this… BBIAB.

Back! I see…

I normally use the rapid position radio buttons to get close to where I need to get, then individual jogs to “tune in”… my jogs are never “long”. If I use the jog button and try to get a long distance there is a short “pause”, periodically, along the way. Never noticed this before! I never tried to use a button to jog a long way…

I verify the approximately once per second “pause” @Randy has in the original report.

I would not say “it sounds awful” when this happens. @jacksmith does this answer what you’re seeing?


Carbide Motion occasionally stutters while jogging on some configurations — contact w/ your specifics.

Sounds awful usually == electrical and usually means a loose wire — power down and check continuity contact if need be.

Mine does this too when mannually jogging. I just keep pressing the button until it gets there. I’ve never seen it stutter while cutting.

I just did a re-flash of the firmware on the Arduino- Same issue.
Jogging is not smooth, stop and start every 1/2 " or so, steppers
sound very unhappy.

Did you read the previous replies to this thread?

Yes I did. Any thoughts?

Can you please post a video of the jogging? Unhappy stepper sounds are easiest to diagnose when they can be heard…

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It’s happening to many. It’s normal until C3D updates the software unless the hesitation you are describing is different than what we’ve already noted.

Do you think the issue is in the generic GRBL code or it’s implementation by c3d?
I refreshed the C3D code with the same outcome

Try using the rapid position option.
The machine should move continuously and smooth. The stuttering while jogging is a carbide motion behavior.
If your experience is different, shoot an email to support.

I think it’s a CM issue since it only happens during manual jogging. I don’t think anything is being damaged. It’s just a little annoying. I don’t pay much attention to it anymore.

I understand but it should not be happening. Any CNC Mill I have ever used always had a perfectly smooth and controlled jog. I am starting to regret my purchase, first CM with it’s zero contrast basically unusable UI and now jogging is not working as it should. Apparently from reading some of the posting it has always been that way.

Well, it’s not perfect but you won’t find a better machine for the $$. You may want to buy a Tormach if you don’t mind spending another $5,000+.

Give it a chance. The Nomad will do a good job for you if you just focus on making parts.

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Well, it’s not perfect but you won’t find a better machine for the $$. You may want to buy a Tormach if you don’t mind spending another $5,000+.

Give it a chance. The Nomad will do a good job for you if you just focus on making parts.

I get to use big iron and I have to agree with @Tshulthise. The Nomad is a pretty awesome package for the money.

The jogging issue is software, not hardware or a design issue.

I use the rapid jog to get close first, then button jog. As you can see from my early posting, I never noticed the issue!



It is not a CM G-code sender issue. It happens in Panel and in BCNC
(nice program by the way) so it must be in Carbides implication of Grbl

One consideration is how jogging is implemented.

AIUI, it’s a series of relative G0 moves, changing back to absolute movement at the end of the jogging sequence.

When a button-down, continuous move feature is implemented, the system has to continue sending G0 moves to keep the machine moving, but has to try not to overfill the buffer, so that movement continues for too long after a button release — apparently, on some machines, due to the timing considerations of attempting to take this into account, the Comm / Control program guesses wrong and lets the buffer empty out, which results in the stuttering.

If you were to jog the system until the stutter happens, then return the system to its origin point, pull all the movement commands out of the Log file, put them into a single continuous file, and then send that, I’d bet long odds and family heirlooms that the movement would be smooth and continuous, w/o any stuttering or jerking.

It would be nice if the Carbide 3D folks would list systems on which the jogging functionality had been fully optimized, and could be guaranteed to work w/o stuttering.

With respect, Will, this is keyboard jogging, not “my force-feedback Bluetooth dataglove 3D mouse isn’t working right”…

I have a 10-year-plus-old copy of Mach3 running on a $20 repurposed surplus HP T5720 thin client running XP, driving my mill by step-and-direction generated realtime through the parallel port, and it manages to do continuous keyboard jogging just fine. It has on every PC I’ve ever run it on

PC’s have had keyboards from the very start, and the interface really hasn’t changed since then, so keyboard jogging should be a very very basic functionality to get solid irrespective of the machine on which it’s running…