Nomad vs. Shapeoko overall speed

Ive had a Nomad for about a year and Im getting the hang of it. One thing i didn’t expect was the length of time it takes to make some of the items. Im wondering if the Shapeoko is any faster? Seeing as they both use the same endmills and bits Im thinking maybe not but I could be totally wrong. Any thoughts?

The Nomad excels in precision and detail, the Shapeoko moves faster and has more powerful spindle options and can remove more material more quickly.

I use a Nomad for small, intricate hardware on projects, and a Shapeoko for making the larger parts.

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interesting, thank you for the response. Can you specify how intricate you mean? My engravings are all decorative designs which are fairly intricate IMO but maybe my idea of intricate is different?

A small project on my Nomad:

(about 3/4" of an inch high)

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