Nomad3 dust boot to buy?

Hello. I am a new guy on the forum looking to get a dust setup going for the nomad 3. I saw Winston’s dust boot but don’t have a printer to make it. Anyone willing to help a new guy out? I didn’t see any offerings online

I’m pretty sure that the design can be modified so as to be cut on the machine — have you looked into that?

Thanks Will for the suggestion. I was trying to get my dust control setup before my Nomad 3 arrives.

Hey Justin,
Where are you at? I have a 3d printer that I need to fix and this might be a good reason to stop pushing that off.

The nomad 3 spindle has 2 bolt holes on the left side, you could probably design a dust boot and bolt it on the side. Although I just vacuum the chips after the job’s done

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You might try to print it and send it to you.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I tried to dust off my old resin printer but it never printed correctly no matter how I oriented. I am going to check out shapeways to see what it would cost that route.

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