NYC Maker and Cutting EVA Foam

Hey Everyone!

I’m new here, my names Mike and I’m located in Red Hook NYC.

I just ordered my Shapeoko 3 and I’ve very excited to join the community and get to know people, feel free to drop in and say hi especially if your in the NY area!

On a different note, while I wait for my Shapeoko to arrive I’m looking to cut some EVA foam floor tiles for a project at work. The parts are small (about 6"x 6" x 0.75") but have some 3D geometry. I used to make them at a Makerspace but with the city shut down I’m out of luck and I have deadlines coming up. I’ve reached out to professional shops but none are interested in cutting EVA foam. I’m hoping to find someone local who I can work with to take on the project and earn a little $$$.

If anyone has any other forums or Facebook groups I should also reach out to please let me know,

Glad to be here,


Hi @Gentleman_Tomcat,

Welcome to the club !
I’m confident that you will you be able to find someone here who’ll be able to cut those foam parts for you.
The other place is the Facebook group.

While waiting for the machine, you may be interested in this.


EVA foam cuts easily, see:

Other forums include:

(and the Unofficial Facebook Group as @Julien noted)

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Hi @Gentleman_Tomcat

I am a fellow NYer. Welcome to the club.

Hi @Gentleman_Tomcat welcome to the form good luck and have fun with your build! Oh I’m also a New Yorker, but I’m upstate… so I guess that doesn’t really count lol
You should also check out the #gallery section while you’re waiting, there’s a bunch of cool stuff on there and it really… err… helps the addiction. !


Thanks for the resources everyone! I’m getting more and more excited the more I’m exploring the forums. Some really impressive stuff getting made on such a small machine!

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On that shapeoko wiki, under the insulation board, where they mention 650 for the speed? what speed are they referring to? I want to try cutting some pink panther foam board i got from lowes

Presumably 650mm/min. — I think that might be an older entry back from the SO2 days — you can move as quickly as you can present a cutting edge to the material in foam.

Oh ok. Hey appreciate it.