Old Man New XL Toy

My name is Louis and I am a retired Army VET. I just ordered an Carbide XL. This will keep in my shop and out of the wife’s house. I have been looking at the boards and I see a lot I can learn. Thanks in advance .


Welcome to the fun, Louis! Carbide Support ( support@carbide3d.com) and the community here are very helpful for anything you might have questions about :grinning:

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Hi Louis,
Congratulations on the purchase of the Shapeoko! There are some highly useful additional accessories that will assist you when performing operations with the machine, a Touch Probe/Bit Zero and a Bit Setter will greatly enhance the the precision/accuracy and workflow. Unfortunately they are out of stock right now but they will be back soon.
You also may want to purchase some end mills while you are waiting for the shipment. They have a [Shapeoko Endmill Starter Pack] (https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/cutters/products/shapeoko-cutter-starter-pack?variant=29461810348093) at the Carbide 3d Store that has everything you will need to get started.
For software, Carbide3d has a free version of Carbide Create and they have just made Carbide Create Pro free for a year!

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As a counterpoint to the other folks, I’ll note that I did a lot with my machines early on on the cheap, and one can manage quite a bit of work on a limited budget with some patience and care.

One thing which you may find of interest is the thread:

and please note that we have a standing offer — if you get stuck on a file or project send it in to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to walk through it with you.


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