One side stalling on Shapeoko 4 XXL

Here is a video. One side seems to be kind of getting stuck which makes the machine not square.

Check the belts — are they in good condition w/ even tension? Measuring belt tension, squaring and calibration

Are the pulleys secure w/ both set screws in place? Checking Pulley Set Screws - Carbide 3D

Are the eccentric nuts properly adjusted to hold the V wheels w/ the correct tension? Tightening Eccentric Nuts - Carbide 3D

Is the wiring in good condition and all the connectors secure?

Power down and remove both belts (label them so that you can swap them side-for-side and end-for-end) — if nothing is obviously wrong w/ the belts, put a bit of tape on each pulley so as to see their rotation, then power up, connect to the machine and initialize — the Z-axis should home as expected, then the X- and Y-axis should begin homing, the X-axis should home as expected, while the Y-axis pulleys should turn until they time out — do they turn evenly and in synch?

Let us know what you find out at and we will do our best to assist.

I could hear your video but could not see anything, just a white screen. Sounds like one Y motor is not turning or as @WillAdams suggested your drive pulley could be loose. There is a flat on the stepper motors and one set screw is on that flat with the other on the round part of the shaft. They are typically 3MM grub screws and if they are loose some replace them with 3MM x 10MM cap screws so they are easier to tighten with a larger wrench instead of the tiny 3MM allen wrench possibly stripping the grub screw and/or stripping the pulley out. In either case it is hard to remove the pulley and/or set screw when they are stripped.

Since you were upgrading I would check the wiring very carefully because you could have pulled something loose during the upgrade. The stepper motors in the Shapeoko are almost bullet proof however the wiring is not.

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