Our Fusion 360 CAM File Preparation Checklist

Just wanted to show off the document we use at my company before exporting CAM files to our Shapeoko 3. This has been refined over many months of work with the Shapeoko 3 and Fusion 360. Just about every one of these checkboxes has a pretty good story behind it.

Hopefully this can inspire some people to create their own checklists. I find checklists to be a great way to reduce cognitive load and reduce the chance of error when operating complex equipment. The ubiquitous use of pre-flight checklists in aviation is a great example.

CAM File Preparation Checklist.pdf (73.2 KB)


Hi @adam.practicalparts,

Thank you for posting this! I agree it’s a good practice, and we don’t see this topic being discussed too often here. This inspired me to go and create a dedicated thread in the community section for people to discuss their favorite workflow tips.

p.s.: since you mention aviation checklists, I still have goose bumps from listening to that audio track of Sully landing that plane on the Hudson. Perfect mix of first following the manual and then NOT following the procedures and applying human expertise to save the day.


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