Paint Organizer

Inspired by @Tshulthise and his project Compact Spray Paint Can Organizer I set out to create a rack for storing 2oz bottles of acrylic paint that I ordered on Amazon for future projects. 31.5" x 31" 3/8 plywood, holders at a 30° angle, space for 50 bottles, and all cut with #201 EM, My largest project so far, very pleased with how it turned out


That’s a pretty cool rack. Would you mind sharing the files for this? My wife would love this for her paints.

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What do you use for CAD? The file is currently in Vectric Aspire format.

I’ve been using Fusion 360 - but I can work with whatever.

Aspire File:

Material: 0.375, 31.5"W x 31"H
Red: 0.15" Pockets
Blue: 0.375 Hole Cutouts
Green: 0.375 Profile Cutouts


Awesome! Thanks for sharing

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Nice job! Where were you when I was Tole painting years ago?!!

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