PCB Holes Missing Past Certain Distance from Origin

I’m trying to set up a PCB which has dimensions of 6.9" wide by 4.2" high.

The BOTTOM file imports fine.

When I preview the board in Eagle’s MANUFACTURING tab, the board and holes are all visible and correct. Likewise with the Gerber Viewer at PCBWAY…looks fine:

However, when I import the DRILL file, the holes on the left side of the board are missing, and seem to have wrapped around again from the right side:

How do I fix this?

Can you post the file?

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Hey Rob…

Yes, I will send the two files to “support@carbide3d.com”.

Thank you.

Are your gerbers from Eagle in Inches mode?
If so, in Eagle CAM processor are you using Excellon or Excellon_24 ?

Hey Jason…

I tried metric and imperial and got the same results with the holes “wrapping”.

I did not see any option in Eagle to switch the type of drill file format. I can check again.

However, the preview in Eagle shows the board as being correct. It is only when it is brought in to Copper that the holes “wrap”. This is definitely a Copper bug, not an issue with the output format of the file I think.

What should I do next to provide you with the information you need?

Thank you!

This is what it looks like in Eagle 7
and in F360/Eagle

See my post.

Out of interest, can you indicate on your screenshot where your origin is?

Thanks fo the dialog boxes for the Excellon control. I will check those out. i’m using Eagle 9.6.x on Mac, but I am actively switching over right now to Fusion 360.

The origin is in the lower left corner of the board when viewed normally in Eagle. But as these PCB screen shots are showing the bottom of the board, the origin is flipped so is at the lower right corner.

It really looks like they are confined to a 100mm x 100mm area so this may
be related to the bug I posted. This is what happens when I export Excellon_33mm
and import with Copper in mm mode:

and this is the original in Eagle with a (very faint grey) 100mm grid:

As you can see the wrap happens at 100mm

If I export excellon24 and import in Copper inches mode it is all fine:

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