Photo transfer to cnc

I have shapeoko 4 xxl and am slowly advancing into new areas and wanting to know if i need software to convert a photo to carbide create 7 i have the photo down loaded but its not working correctly i even turned it into black and white format. Thx danny

there’s different options to do this… but you’re a little light on details

what is your expected outcome?
just a contour? more of a halftone (dot) pattern?
different depths for different colors?

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Ive seen a transfer of photo on wood done by laser cutter and i know it can be done with shapeoko i do want to know all options and with dot style and dimensional . thx danny

the dot style is usually called halftoning or dithering… CC itself doesn’t support that natively, but open source software like gimp and inkscape let you process the image. Basically what I do is use either of these to preprocess the image but you could also use something like
Then I actually paint the top of my wood black (so that when I cut into it the cutouts become bright spots)… import the halftoned image (as vectors) and then do an advanced vcarve cut.

I’ve also used gimp to do more an outline pattern using gimp to process the photo; the result looks something like this:

this works best with high contrast images to be honest
in this case I cut the pattern with carbide create/motion, filled with black paint and then sanded the excess away

this later is basically a thresholding step in gimp, but after I first ramped up the contrast so I could pick better which parts became black


Thank you so much i really appreciate the response i will give it a go and post my results …i really like my shapeoko one of my best purchases.danny from louisvilke ky

For halftones see:

Some photos have sufficient contrast that they can be auto-traced:

Or, one can just re-draw the photo in its entirety using the Curve tool:

Halftoner by Jason Dorie Link

This is what I have used in the past. It is a FREE software. The latest version is 1.7 and has not been updated in a while.

It does offer Variations in halftones, Dots, Circles, Wavy lines or even squares, if memory serves me right.

It has been a while since I had used it. Have fun!

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