Picture to lines of varying width

I can’t remember whether it was here or somewere else but there was a link posted to an online app that converted pictures to a series of black lines of varying width to recreate the image.

I remember seeing an example of a person’s face turned into these lines then they were painted black.

I want to have a go and fill them with epoxy on something thin then illuminate from behind. Just cannot remember what this style of art is called and where I saw the link.

Thank you for reading and any help appreciated.

Is it halftone You are thinking of maybe?
There are some posts on the forum, try this one :struggling-with-half-tone


I think you may be thinking about photo v-carving, e.g. https://www.vectric.com/products/photovcarve


Got it. Cheers.

The one i was after was Linear Halftone

I know you’ve already found what you were looking for, but I thought I might add this link - the guy wrote half-toner and “mirage” (squiggly lines/dots) photo conversion software. The mirage is a crazy way to do a photo and can look super slick if done well.


Thank you very much. Very good link that one.