Pinouts for BitRunncer Connector?

I got a logic board with a loose connection for the BitRunner connector. I took it off today and I could see the soldering job was not the best. It worked - sometimes. I’d have to jiggle the connector and tape it in place to get it to work. Today, as part of adding the pins to setup a JTech laser, I removed the board from the case. I noticed the soldering job was not the best and I’ve tried to fix that. However when I check the connectors with a meter, I saw that some pins seem to be connected.

Does anyone have the pinouts for this connector to help me verify what’s what? I’m hoping I didn’t make things worse and end up needed a new logic board (especially since they’re out of stock!).

And as for contacting support: I bought my Shapeoko in 2020, but due to other things going on, it took me 2 years before I could finish putting it together and testing it, so even if the original solder job was bad, it’s WAY out of warranty! (Also, last time I contacted support, I left a message and got no response. Called another day or two later and left a message. Again, no response. I did get through once a few weeks ago, but now I’m at a point where I just don’t count on being able to reach them.)


You should have been rung back each time if you left a message — if you did and weren’t called back, let me know your phone # in a PM and we’ll do our best to sort this out w/ you.

Thank you, @WillAdams! PM sent.

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