Please release probe for sale!

Anyone have any updates on the carbide probe?

Well, there’s another guy who has one…

I suspect the delay is finalizing Carbide Motion 4, so at a guess if folks want the probe to be available, we should all jump in and help w/ the testing:

I finally rolled back up to CM4 and Grbl 1.1 a few weeks ago. Absolutely thrilled that 10-key support has been fixed, which was my big beef with the earlier releases. Really liking the feed over rides as well. Other than the way the GUI works (“end jogging” button is really annoying) I no longer have any reasons to not use it. Would be cool if they added some macro support so I could save more than one zero X/Y/Z so I could reused fixtures without keeping notes. All in all seems pretty stable. I crashed my cutter one time, but that was due to a really tall piece and my gcode caused the Z to retract higher than physically possible, belt slipped, bit came down crashing into work(wish “homing” switches where also “limit” switches). All in all though, despite a few hiccups (on my part as well), it’s a good build.


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I don’t remember the exact setting, but you can tell grbl to treat the homing switches as limit switches.

UPDATE: $21 is the setting –

Whenreleased I bet it will be more than $100.00. I would spend $75.00 ($50 during sale) and get something like this

Listen, I love my shapeoko 3XXL but the ability for Carbide 3D to roll out supported accessories is severely lacking and quite disappointing.

The link WillAdams referenced about GRBL 1.1 and CM 4 was started back in Feb. I’ve been using it for months.

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I agree on the accessories.

Tri-Q Touch Plates will work, but you’ll have to manually compensate your zero’s for all 3 axes. Hoping C3D integrates dimensional support for touch plates (hint,hint).

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Seems like that would be needed even for their own plates. There will be variations in production and it would be nice to be able to account for those in the software.

Maybe automate it. Turn the probe upside down and run some gcode that touches both the inside and outside edges to measure the thickness. Could do something similar with the thickness. Lay the probe upside down on a conductive plate. Touch the plate and the underside of the probe to measure the thickness.

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I actually bought one of those and they do work. I have not tried using it with CM 4.

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