Hello - pls help me
I want to cut PlexiGlass/Acrylic 3/4" thick on my SO3XXL - I use water spindel 1/4 collet
what kind of end mills do I use (link to purchase please)
how do I set the (feed rate, spindel speed, plung rate)
Thank you in advance

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Acrylic - Depth 1.5 mm. Speed Spindle 18000 - 20000 rpm , Feedrate 700 - 1000 mm/m , Plunge 120 mm/m . It´s OK !.

Bit diameter 6.35 mm. If you need convert to inches plus X 25.4 mm.

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Thank you very much for your replied.

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If you don’t know this already, also consider starting with an offset cut before cutting to depth around part features.This would remove material mostly outside of the tool path that you want to cut around your part. This technique reduces issues when cutting acrylic. Also, what kind of acrylic? Cast or extruded? There might need to be some additional research about that? Good Luck!

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Thanks for your replied. I am not sure about cutting PlexiGlass, never try before, So I am kind of confuse and slow - I will have to ask manufacture about what type of PlexiGlass I bought. When I get my end mills 1/4" diam. I will do some testing on a sample plexiglass and learn, fine tune setting from there, that is how I learn, slowly but surely. Thanks again.

I use a single flute endmills for cutting cast acrylic. I bought mine from drillman1 on eBay.

When I cut my pieces out, I used lead-in and lead-out paths (something you might try in addition to trying an offset cut). You can see these at the top of each poker chip in the second photo of the first post here: First Diamond Drag Project - Acrylic Commemorative Poker Chips

Thanks for the replied. You are very good, I looked at the poker chips you made. Someday soon I will be able to work on PlexiGlass, I hope soon, still waiting for my 1st plstic end mills to arrive, than I will go for a test and learn how to cut PlexiGlass/Platics - Thank You

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