Pocketing around objects

how do I get carbide create to not pocket an area I didn’t select ? I’m trying to carve a logo and the middle circle is supposed to be a sun with rays coming out of it. I created the first tool path to carve the outside right of the circle. When I select the rays and tell it to pocket around them, it automatically pockets the unselected sun as well. I tried creating a 2nd smaller circle within the sun to counteract it wanted to pocket it out but it still wants to. Basica

lly I want the rays and the sun to be proud of the surface. I know it’s a small piece- 5" diameter, but I’m using super small bits like the 1/32 end mill, and I tried to Vcarve as well around it but it still refuses to not carve the sun with everything else.

I tried to replicate the behavior, but I can’t. Can you share your .c2d file?

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Usually this problem is caused by stacked/overlapping paths, or a problem with the path direction, please see:

If you continue to have difficulty with the file, please post it here or send it to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to help puzzle this out.

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