Pocketing size troubles

I am having trouble with pocketing a hole. I am trying to make it 56.5mm x 56mm. The hole is only coming out to be 49.8 mm x 55.45 mm. The depth is ok so I am not worried about it.

I am using an IDC 1/4 Compression bit. Designed in Carbide create pro and ran through Gsender on a longmill MK2.

Included are the files. I first cut a pocket, then when that was too small I thought perhaps I needed to contour the inside. Still no luck.

Any thoughts?

Clock mechanism relief contour inside cut.c2d (44 KB)
Clock mechanism relief contour inside cut.nc (279 Bytes)
Clock mechanism relief.c2d (44 KB)
Clock mechanism relief.nc (5.4 KB)

Have you calibrated for belt stretch/machine movement?

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I think you have found my trouble. I have not calibrated movement!! I wondered why some of my holes were coming out oblong…

Thank you

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