Possible dead spindle board?

I came out today to work on a project and found that my spindle won’t start and the spindle enable / disable button light is out (yes I have pushed the button). The spindle isn’t responding to any M3 commands either. No lights on the spindle control board (if there are any). The buss fuse on the spindle board is good and has continuity (this actually may be the Power Supply half of that board)

Also the Control Box exhaust fan isn’t running.

I have proper voltages on both ends of connecting cable from warthog to spinderella.

Is there anything I am missing here or do I have a dead board?


Welcome to the club…the same thing happens to mine 3 months after I received it.

I sent it back 1 week ago. They’re waiting for parts (boards) to come in to fix it.

Contact support and explain it to them.

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I emailed support. Did you send back the spindle board or warthog also?

I only returned the controller box.

I got the canned “We got your email” from support. In the meantime, I switched the vfd to manual control and have it running that way.

Yeah my “Spinderella” board was DOA on a new machine. Now I’m hearing a little “gravel” in the spindle bearings I’m hoping that its the new spindle breaking in, but haven’t had time in the shop to see if it is getting better.

I’m tempted to build an acorn controller as the frame is well built, but seems like the electronics are pretty limiting and QC seems to be an issue. Would love to have more flexibility in probing and work offsets.


Nothing from support today. Are spindle control boards available? I’ll buy one. Just need to get running again.

Thanks to @FlemingV for the support. I’ll update once I have the replacement board.

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@FlemingV @robgrz

Please check the part / tracking number in the email you sent me. It is being delivered to Colorado to a different person. I’m on the east coast. Hopefully you just sent me the wrong tracking number / email confirmation.


Still never got an email with a custom cart for my spinderella/ power supply board. Sales did respond to the issue where I got someone else’s invoice and tracking but nothing for what I actually contacted C3D about. Let’s get this going.

I know forums are usually filled with the negative, because when someone has a problem that’s when they tend to speak up on the forums, but it sure seems like they are having increasing QC and support issues. I’ve tried to be fair and have posted the things that are good, but I don’t feel they have transitioned from a diy/hobbyist company to one that deals with a turn key product very well.

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In my experience C3D has been great for support. Not sure what happened here but I finally did get the invoice for a new spinderella and power supply. $75 for both. Not aweful for custom PCBs. I just needed the spinderella but it will be nice having a spare power supply on hand.

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Finally got around to install in the new spinderella. Couple very important things to note:

  1. There is a new revision from what I had originally. 1.1 v 1.0 board. The 1.1 board has Mini-Fit Jr 4 pin connectors where the old board had the wires directly soldered to the board.
  2. I had to use my rework station to remove the connectors, then reverse engineer the pin out and directly solder to the board since I didn’t have any connectors on hand. I would suggest that C3D either verify the version the customer has, or just ship the replacements with the connectors included.

The new board fixed my issues and I now have spindle control again.

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Good to hear you are working again.

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