Post processor with BitSetter

Is anyone aware if the Shapeoko PP that comes with Vcarve Pro handles BitSetter these days? Seems like a bit of a dealbreaker if I am to make the move from CC to Vcarve Desktop.

I am aware of the link but all 4 files produce an error when I try Toolpaths>Install Post Processor in Vcarve

Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 19.11.14

Line 90 should be:


I suspect you downloaded the HTML, please see the .zip version below: (1.4 KB)


@neilferreri post processor works. I’ve been using it since last year without a single problem.


I had that same issue. As mentioned you downloaded the html. Pick the one you want and press the raw button. I think you can save that, otherwise cut and paste it in to a new notepad file.

@helipaddy had also sent me a PM. The issue was the same others have had with downloading from GitHub.
For reference, here’s the gif from the first time this happened.

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