Power supply and status lights


I would like to do two things

  1. Add LED lights to the cross beam (but nothing special). I will probably power them off the machines power but is it 12 or 24v? I would like the lights to come on when I power it up without having a separate switch if possible.
  2. I would also like to add a light to indicate the machine status. I have a bitrunner so when it is ready for a new bit or finished I would like a light to indicate that it has stopped. Does anyone know of a way to trigger a relay for that?


You can pick up the 24V off the controller as I did here but be sure to not draw too much, and be aware that this is not a supported mod.

Did you mean bitrunner or bitsetter ?
BitRunner reads the PWM signal from the controller, so you could in theory hook it up to a relay to light up a lamp, but you are in tinkering territory.
BitSetter triggers the controller’s probe input, so again in theory you could ready it, but it’s more tricky.
Overall I don’t think that second point of yours is going to be very easy to implement

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Julien, thanks for the info. Agree the light is the easier one and shouldn’t be to hard (thanks for the help). I was thinking I may have to do something with the spindle itself. I did mean the Bitrunner since it turns the spindle on and off. If I hook a relay to trigger of the 120 volt supplied to the spindle I should be able to turn a light on and off.

If you only need to turn a light on when the spindle is running it’s of course as simple as plugging a lamp in the bitrunner output in addition to the spindle. I plug my shopvac there so that it turns on and off automatically during jobs.
If you want the light on when the spindle is off, then you are probably better off connecting a relay to the PWM plus something to invert the logic.

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