[Pro] "Official Request" for Modeling Component "Mock-Editing"

We have this in this thread, but I wanted to formally request it where you might be more likely to see it:

I understand that editing modeling components could be a rabbit hole Carbide does not want to go down - and they don’t want to make things more complex than needed - so this is a suggestion that provides a simplified solution to a problem that EVERYONE has either had, or will have - regardless of what they’re modeling:

The ability to modify the parameters of a component.

Rather than EDITING the component, the suggestion is that CC Pro ADD a new component and automatically DELETE the old one. It would work like this:

  • The user Clicks EDIT on an existing component
  • The ADD dialog (same as current) pops up - however, It has all of the existing component’s parameters already typed in
  • The user modifies whatever parameters and vector selections they want
  • The user presses DONE
  • CC Pro DELETES the original Component and ADDS the new Component; positioning it in the same order location as the original Component

This would enable users to adjust Components without having to remember all the settings originally used. It would also allow users to regenerate a Component when it’s position changes - such as during the change of the Stock Size (See [DEFECT] V7 Modeling Not working if you resize your stock - #3 by GJM)

This method is exactly what the user has to do today - so the underpinnings of the process is supported. The only new request is to have CC Pro: Remember all of the parameters of a Component when it is entered - pre-fill the ADD dialog with those parameters upon Edit - and assign the previous Component’s ordinal to the Added Component upon an Add and Delete.

  • Gary

We absolutely do want to go down this rabbit hole. In fact, we probably want to go even broader than this alone. The only question is what other functionality goes with it.

  1. Editable components (almost certain)
  2. Draggable components (we’d like it, but it might conflict with #1 without the correct implementation)
  3. Nested components (Aspire does it, other programs don’t. No idea if users “need” this)
  4. Keep links to the source vectors and update components like toolpaths (Could be neat, and work well with #1 and #2)
  5. Clone / pattern components (This can be a real rabbit hole…)

We’re finalizing a plan for all of this and like I’ve said in other posts, and inside our company chat as well, we need to see what people really want to make in 3D to help shape the new workflow.

I’ll start a new thread just to collect ideas, but nothing would be more helpful to move this along than concrete projects that people want to make today.


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