Pro XXL issues with proximity sensors

Is anyone else having issues with extension cables for the X and Z axis being wired incorrect?

I completed my build on Saturday and when I powered up the machine the X and Z proximity sensor lights on the controller were lit. The Y sensor was not. As I checked things out, I noticed the wires on the connection to both sensors were flipped (not black to black, etc). I disconnected both and gently forced the connector and the machine started up perfectly and homed correctly.

I contacted support and received a new set up cables3 days later. The new cables were wired just like the original. I contacted support again and received a new set of cables (today 1/13) and they are still backwards.

I have been drawing pictures, squaring, etc. but don’t want to cut anything since the cables are not secure…

I’ve been trying to call support back for over an hour now… rings and rings, so I submitted a ticket.

Anyone else have or are having this issue?


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Are the wiring extensions wired straight through?

It may be that it’s the homing switches themselves which are wired wrong.

Let us know at and we’ll do our best to get this right.


they are not wired straight through.


Please let us know about that at

I’m having the same problem both the x and z lights are on. Machine would not Initialize. I did the same thing gently forced the cables reversed and now its working. How do I get new “correct” cables.


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Will… As soon as I found it, I contacted support, who shipped me out a new set of cables, which arrived Tuesday of this week (1/11). When I opened them, I compared them to the existing cables and they were the same orientation as the bad cables. I contacted support again on Tuesday and he shipped me out another replacement set, which I received yesterday and again, were the incorrect orientation.

When I spoke with support on Tuesday, I asked “how do I know I will receive the right cables this time?” and the response was, it’s probably a bad batch of cables. I’ll just keep ordering them until you get the right cables. So, if there are 100 cable extensions in that bin, I could be waiting for a year. There has to be a better way. My build was complete a week ago and I still can’t turn the router on and make some chips.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide to myself and Rugbyguy28…


On my Pro XXL, while the wires were in the correct positions, the connectors sucked. So I voided my warranty and eliminated the connectors with some solder and heatshrink. I probably should have used butt splices instead.

I’ve mentioned this on team chat and hopefully we can work out a better solution.

Thanks Will. I hope it can be resolved, soon.

I appreciate your help. I’m trying to run a business here, just as you and Carbide folks are.


Can’t you repin the connectors? It would be easier to pull the pins out and swap them around rather than cutting and splicing or forcing the connector on the wrong way.
They sell tools to do this, but I’ve done it multiple times with small screwdrivers.


Wouldn’t this void my warranty?

Same issue! I’m going to give that a try right now.

I had the same issue with my new SO4 XXL. Support told me to flip the connections around so it was black to black/blue to blue, which did solve the problem! Hopefully we can get a better long term solution

I flipped my wiring as well and everything is back to normal. Hopefully they can send out the proper wiring so the connections will lock together.

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Another set of cables arrives today. Fingers crossed the cables are not crossed…

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You’d have to ask that question to someone from Carbide 3D. If they are telling people to flip the connectors around and plug them in backward, I don’t think they are worried about the warranty aspect of the cables.

I just finished my pro xxl. After looking at this forum, i realized the issues I was having with the z x limit switches where pinned backwards. The lights in the controller were constantly illuminated while the test of each sensor passed I noticed the colors of the sensor connectors wires were reversed. I just flipped the connectors at the z axis and everything worked as it should.

I’ve watched multiple videos and don’t have the tool to unpin my pins from the connector. Can you give me a few specifics on where to place the tool? I’ve tried a small screwdriver (2mm width) on all four sides, but can’t find the spot to release the barbs.
Any help is appreciated… they overnighted another set of cables, but they are sitting in Memphis…

Unpinning the connectors worked back when we were using Molex KK, and we recommended it. The Micro-Fit connectors on newer machines require special tools and the connections are not reliable over the long term w/o the special tooling being used.

At least some of the wiring issues seem to be that one or both ends is reversed wiring colour order — if possible (center colours are the same and outer are swapped) disconnect and reconnect any so that the wiring colours match — you can then put a small zip tie or two longitudinally along the connector to hold things together.

Do not try this if the center colour does not match for each and every connector.