Pro XXL probe failure on Bit Zero

I have cleaned everything, changed bits and still get Probing cycle failure. What am I missing?

At what point does it fail? First it finds X zero, Second the Y zero, Then it lifts up out of the hole, and moves diagonally in the positive X/Y direction, to probe for Z zero.

When I first used mine, I had errors, as I was placing the Bit zero V2 on the upper left corner of my material, not the lower left. It would fault when trying to probe for Z zero.

I’m using lower left, during probe it goes left first and fails

Thanks for helping me Steve

Before you start probing, when you touch the magnet to the probe, does it turn red?

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Green to red,

No not until it goes Y Left, turns red and then failure

Steve was asking if you touch magnet to BitZero before probing. You must be within .5" before starting probe or it times out and gives probe error. The closer the better with out touching.

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Which sort of BitZero do you have?

Which have you configured as?

Please see:

Will, what does sending $$ mean? I did it and nothing happens.

Sending $$ is the command to have Grbl send its current configuration back to the log — you would need to have the Log Window open in order to see the result of doing so.

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