Pro XXL stops during carve and won’t resume

So I was an hour 15 minutes into a 1 hour and 45 carve. It was going very good and all of a sudden with 30 minutes left, the router was spinning but was not moving or carving. I hit pause and allowed that process, then hit resume and nothing happened.

This was 3rd time trying to get this to work. The first 2 times, it barley made it 10 minutes and would stop carving.

Each time, I would shut down carbide motion, and re-load, re-zero etx. I even went as far as to completely redo the g-code (single v-care). The whole cut was with a 60 v bit so no tool change.

I have to say I’m getting very frustrated with all this as I have not nothing but issues since I got the machine. I’ve only been able to successfully carve a few items without the machine stopping mid cut.

Please I need some help before I cut my losses with this thing

Please write in to us at — we’ll have you run an “air job” as a starting point and do our best to work this out with you.

I had already sent it to support as well.

@Not-Ashamed-Designs What software are you using to design your project? Can you share the project file here?

I use carbide create. I’ll attach it when I get home. It’s a file for Amazing Grace l bought from Patriots Designs

Are you using dust collection? Have you done any extra grounding on the machine / dust collection?

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Yes I have “dust collection” but it’s just a 6.5 hp rigid shop vac

You may have static electricity issues, read @LiamN 's definitive guide to grounding your Shapeoko here.


@Not-Ashamed-Designs I think the most likely culprit is static charge. Are you using the stock Ridgeway vacuum hose or do you have an anti-static hose? You may want to consider adding a Bitrunner V2 .