Pro z limit switch wiring Need help

I’m going to be daring and not sign my “built by” plate with the sharpe. Once I get proficient in the use of this machine I plan on engraving it!:smiley::+1:

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Great idea! I have been 3D printing for years. Wanted to try my hand at “subtractive modeling” lol. Very intrigued!

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if you come from the 3D printing world… one can cut STL files on a CNC as well, just subtractive… it might at least give you some familiar start
(see Cutting STL models with Carbide Create Pro (nearly-2021 edition) )

C3D will send you the new cable.
In the meantime, if you had access to some parts, you could just ignore one wire and add your own connectors (looks like a Molex minifit jr maybe on the Z switch…got a pic of the board?).

Doesn’t have to make it to the board, the circuit is in 2 pieces. It connect at the minute switch near the z axis. Then travels the z and connects there to another wire that goes to the board. So one 3 pin male and one 3 pin female would do it. They would have to be the exact connector used on the existing though, or I would wind up having to re-wire in 4 places instead of 2

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Yup. Like I said, IF you had connectors on hand.
C3D will get you a replacement faster than anywhere else anyway.


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