Pro z limit switch wiring Need help

Hi All,
I have fully assembled my Pro today. Everything has went well except for the fact I can’t plug in my z limit switch. The connectors are not the same nor is the number of conductors the same. Please see photos. I am wondering if another Pro owner would be willing to take a look at their machine and verify something for me.

  1. Is your z limit switch wire that runs in the z axis linkage a 4 conductor wire or 3?

Mine is a four conductor and my actual z limit switch is 3. :man_shrugging: I can’t initialize, because I have a feeling one of those actions will be to home the z lol. It sucks i can’t cut anything for sure, but would suck worse if it winded up breaking an otherwise solid build. I know I will have to have the line replaced, I am just curious if I am the only one who has suffered this fate. Thank you, Troy

Please contact us about this at

Are you sure those don’t fit together?

@WillAdams missed the ‘e’ -

Done, i sent the email in to support. Knew that had to be done. Still curious what everyone else’s z limit switch wire is. It sure looks like it should have been a 3 conductor.

I don’t have a Pro, but these proximity switches only have three wires.
There was another thread a minute ago that showed a pic.

So the Z limit switch is the 3 wires with flat connectors.

The 4 wire square connector is for the Z axis motor.

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Double check your connectors. All switches are three wire flat connectors and all motors are the four wire square connectors. Hope this helps.

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Thanks have more than double checked. My z axis wire pre installed in the cable guides is a 4 conductor. Same as the x and z motor in there with it.

It’s possible the wires are mislabeled. Your best bet would be to individually trace each wire assembly through the drag links to verify where each one is going.


That does look like it has four wires. All the motors connected?

Yes, all connections are made, other than that one limit switch. Since the wire is 4 conductors and both ends have a 4 pin connector, I can’t plug them in on either side of the cable guide, at the switch or at the junction of the x and y axis😥.

I have Darren, it’s unfortunately not a mislabel. I wish lol. I could have continued with that. All 3 wires are 4 conductor and from the looks of it, there should have been 2 that were 4 and 1 that was 3. I am pondering just cutting and wiring then myself, but I don’t want to “junk up” my brand new machine, at least not this early in the game, lol. Not to mention if I did such, it would go from needing 1 3 conductor wire to needing another limit switch and another wire in the y axis linkage back to the controller. :disappointed_relieved:

Sounds like they installed the wrong wire harness in the drag link. Some body done messed up😒

Yup, I was excited too! Lol. I have a break from work for about a week and a half every year around Christmas/New years. And was really looking forward to learning something about using my new machine. Looks like I will be able to draw/design but no go on production of the masterpiece! Hahaha

You did !!!
rest of twenty

Well if it’s any consolation I had a couple of issues with my Pro. I had some missing bolts, limit switch alignment problem, and reverse plugs in the controller. Contact there tech support via email and send pics. They will help you and send out any parts needed typically overnight. Once you get the bugs worked you will really enjoy this machine.
I am new to the CNC world (less than 2weeks) and learning as I go. These forums are a great resource.
Hang in there and you will be up and running before you know it.

Made my first project this afternoon. Shapeoko’s “Hello World” program…lol


Started to say “that’s good to hear” but that wouldn’t be right :crazy_face:. Lol. It is good to know that if once I can initialize and if another issue presents itself, someone will be there to help though. Products can’t be perfect sometimes, as most are affected by “the human condition”. Hope it’s been an exciting 2 weeks for you! I am looking forward to my journey for sure! Cant wait to sling some dust. :blush:

Sweet! Now I know what the sharpie is for😊