Probe release info?

Also, thanks for the order!

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Wonderful news. I can only recommend the probe - in only a few weeks it has saved me hours of time setting up my machine. I’d go as far as saying it makes the machine!


Can you share the installation instructions?

Yahoo, Just ordered mine!!

I don’t recall where I saw it but someone asked how you could use this for tapered bits. Best answer would be to install a square or round nose (non-tapered) bit and probe X and Y. That sets the X and Y values for your home. Then replace the bit with your tapered bit and just probe Z.

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They can be found here


I just ordered mine. I’ve been checking in regularly for this to be available. Very excited to put this to use!

"The Touch Probe is only supported in Carbide Motion 4 and GRBL 1.1 so you’ll nee to upgrade prior to ordering. "

Really? I mean, can’t I order it then upgrade before I install it?

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I think its just a simple wording issue.

Edited this comment for clarity: I was incorrect that Shapeoko does not currently ship with GRBL 1.1. Need double check that you are running 1.1 and also CM4 for the probe.

I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Carbide Motion 3 only supports Grbl 0.9 and that’s what’s been shipping.

Not sure when we’ll transition over to new machines shipping w/ Grbl 1.1 and CM4 being officially supported — suspect there’ll be a blog post about it soon.

For the curious:

I knew it was a wording issue I was just pointing it out in a slightly tongue in check manner :slight_smile:


No worries @WillAdams, thanks for the correction. I knew I was on CM3, but figured I just hadn’t done the upgrade yet. I guess I will be doing that and GRBL 1.1 in the mean time while I wait on the probe to arrive. Gives me something other than projects to do this weekend.

Fixed the wording in the listing- thanks.

We actually would prefer that users upgrade prior to ordering. We have a wide variety of users and most are very intelligent and extremely talented (They did choose Shapeoko so that’s got to be proof of high IQ). There are, however, a few Shapeoko users that have difficulty with computers so we’d prefer to get the upgrade out of the way first so that we have a chance to work through any upgrade difficulty without introducing the probe into the equation.

This obviously doesn’t apply to the users in this thread :slight_smile:

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Does this also signify a new version of Carbide motion?

You’ll need to use Carbide Motion Version 4 and GRBL 1.1. Any Shapeoko PCB will support it though, it’s just a software upgrade.

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Great news, just ordered!

Also ordered CNC4NB slider this morning, CNC budget blown for the next several weeks, unless wife finds out, then you may not see me for awhile because there’s no internet in the doghouse :frowning:


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Will the Probe work with a Nomad?

2 weeks too late for me, ordered and received the Triquetra…

There’s no technological reason for it to not, but wiring things would be a bit of a challenge, and it’s physically large enough to significantly reduce the stock which one could use it with — that said, I believe that there was some discussion about an adapter cable.

As long as you’re comfortable playing with a little wiring, yes.

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