Probing cycle Failed :(

Everyone know how to fix this problem “ Probing Cycle Failed” . I used Carbide Motion 5.0 and Windows 10 pro 64bit for my Nomad 3. Thanks

Hi @vietghost,

Is this the same issue you were having and described in this other post ?

(just for folks to know what was already discussed so far).

yeah, I fixed that problem already and right now i have this problem :frowning: . 3 days already, I cant use my machine :(. Can you help me about this Julien. When the probing move down , it didn’t move right away to hit the sensor. it just move down at the middle and stop.

I’d sure like to help, but “Probing Failed” is an error that can be due to a number of things so we need to rule out some of the causes.

How did the previous problem (X limit switch permanently on, as I understood from the previous thread) get solved ?

Any chance you can capture a video of the failed initialization, upload it on a sharing site of some kind, and post a link here for us to see how the machine behaves ?

If you can’t, another helpful information is the content of the Logs (go to CM Settings, click the Show Log button, click that and keep that new separate window open, be sure to check the “Hide Report Status” filter, and then try the initialization. Then use the “Copy All” button in the log window, and paste the content here

I just turn off machine. unplug every cable and move X , Y , Z to middle machine by hand :smile: and it’s ok now kakakak. After that, i have this problem, i just send it home again again and again and it worked now. Right now, I can see Jog function in Carbide Motion. Thanks Your answer Julien. Time to start Carbide Project now. Happy Holiday bro

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I just had this happen to me tonight, but figured out the issue not long after.

If you have a BitZero and BitSetter, and the BitZero clip is grounded to the BitZero, then the BitSetter probing will fail with that error.


This is the issue I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago. Bit Zero cannot be in contact with the magnet pickup / probe.


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